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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance will pay a lump some to your beneficiaries if you pass away or obtain a terminal illness. At assured Financial we make sure that we give you the right advice and take care to put you with the right provider that will benefit you and your family.

Speak to one of our advisers today and get your self covered, securing your family’s future.

How much life insurance do you need?
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What does Level Term cover?

Level term Life Insurance is perfect for leaving a lump sum of money to your family. You can also choose between a lump sum or a family income benefit!

What does Decreasing Time cover?

Decreasing term Life Insurance is usually used to cover any outstanding balances on your repayment Mortgages!

What does Over 50’s cover?

If you have been unable to obtain cover previously and you are 50 years or over we have the right policy for you. If you are over 50 but medically fit and healthy there may be another policy that’s right for you!

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Pick up the phone

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Speak to our friendly team

Speak to our friendly team

We will take you through a simple fact find to see what policy you are looking for and which policy will benefit you and your family. We will then give you a free, no obligation quotation!

Sit back & relax

Sit back & relax

Once you are happy, we will take you through simple application to see whether you have been accepted, then leave the rest to us!

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